Are you planning an important meeting or workshop? Should the various perspectives of the participants lead to a jointly backed result such as resolving problems, paving the way for decisions or brainstorming?

After clarifying all details of the scope and deliverables we take charge of designing the workshop as well as the facilitation. Facilitation means to navigate the communication and the interaction processes that lead to agreed-upon objectives and solutions. We provide a constructive and humorous atmosphere in which all participants can contribute their knowledge, experience and interest to the process during which we factor in the target, the whole picture, the identity, the status of the team development as well as the situation of the individual participants. Achieving your goals with you is greatly important, therefore, we constantly check if we are on the right track. Do the planned steps still apply to the current situation? Is the target still the same? Is the group still on track? Is the manager still participating in the process? Should the circumstances change, we identify and clarify the situation and adapt our strategy immediately in the workshop so we can head on toward a common desired goal.

On your mark, get set, go!
While visualizing the entire discussion process, we provide a clear vision of your targets, ensure that all team members are in line with the task and committed to the agreed steps of making your plan a the successful endeavor.

Even months later the rationale is still accepted and understood, results are convincing and visible. Most significantly, commitment for the implementation process remains inspiringly high. You get a greater value in your team work with plan a